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i just…cannot take my eyes off him

On the screen, the dwarves huddle beneath the recently reinforced battlements of Erebor, and (in reverse) Thranduil and Bard ride to within hollering distance. The footage is raw, with large portions of greenscreen. Lee Pace’s horse has not yet been converted into Thranduil’s elk.

"We’ve come to tell you payment of your debt has been offered…and accepted," oozes Pace onscreen.

"Thranduil’s going to be very interested to see Thorin’s reaction," Jackson explains…"He’s trying to avoid war, so it is quite a big moment…"

Oh, I’d love to work with Bryan Fuller again. I’m on another television show right now, so we’ll see. I love what he does with ‘Hannibal.’ It’s like an indie movie that he tells every week on a television show. It’s so visual and cinematic, and no one tells a story like Bryan Fuller.
Lee Pace on his chances of working with Bryan Fuller again, particularly on Hannibal. [x] (via ihaveonebell)


Peter Quill’s mega dance moves and Ronan’s wtf face